Monday, March 23, 2009


Nick Hoffman- "Stratagem" cdr
New release on Herbal International (Malaysia).

Chamber music by Nick Hoffman.


Zach Fosnaugh, percussion
Mike Hamende, percussion, guitar, electronics
Nick Hoffman, percussion, trumpet, guitar, electronics, voice, shotgun shell
Marc Hamende, bass
Utae Kamishiro, piano
Hank Hofler, computer
Stephen Holliger, glove, electronics
Rob Sicklesteel, pipe, radio, water
Neil Hoffman, pipe, radio, water, cymbal
Anna Morrel, piano
Chris Wiman, piano
Joe Sullivan, piano
Hsin-Hwa Lee, marbles, strings

1. Clearing (13:34)
2. Ghost of a child’s voice (5:21)
3. Stratagem (12:11)

Total time: 32:06

Also new from Tape Drift...

Ophibre/Katchmare - "Divided Transmissions" C40 (TD13)

"A perfectly matched split tape. First side is Ophibre from Boston. Usually known for his buzzing drone masterpieces, this one delves more into the electroacoustic vein, and finds rich treasures there. A live performance entitled "rowboat for laptop", it's a very very compelling listen, accumulating power as it goes along to its final conclusion. Second side is Katchmare, solo project of Nick Hoffman from Normal, Illinois. Anything but normal, this is a beautiful set of ghostly tones, haunted space, and electroacoustic invention. Very minimal yet very addictive." - Label Description