Friday, May 29, 2009

Nick Hoffman Japan + Korea tour dates

Art Space Tetra

2009.06.05 (fri)
19:00 open / 19:30 start

¥1,000 + 1drink order
presented by deterra
Nick Hoffman 
"Noise is not art. It is a childish game… like torturing insects." ,
Mitsuo Morooka from Magnet Dub Duo
Kazuhiko Sakaguchi from Magnet Dub Duo
Ayako Mori (ex-Maggie guiaaaaa) & Shayne Bowden(Jyurin, deterra)

Test Tone vol. 46: Anthology of Transoceanic Sound and Image

2009.06.09 @ Super-Deluxe, Nishi-Azabu

Open 20:00 / Free entry (with drink order)

DJ: Evil Penguin /
Nick Hoffman (from Illinois) + Takahiro Kawaguchi duo

Object Collection (Travis Just/Kara Feely from New York)

Andrea Valvini (from Switzerland)

'Sound of Confusion vol.4 presented by Balloon & Needle'

2009.6.13 @ Bowie, Seoul 8:00 pm

1. Choi Joonyong + Jin Sangtae
2. Nick Hoffman
3. Park Seungjun + Junjayang
4. Nick Hoffman + Ryu Hankil,