Wednesday, July 4, 2012

holy war

Insane/Inspired critique of Kenneth Grant. interesting...

'Grant's obsessions are becoming stronger and more apparent in this book. His style has become so unbelievably confusing that he is nearly unreadable. His footnotes have gotten way out of hand, and only serve to mislead the reader more and more. His word and number games have become so ridiculous that some people have actually become disgusted with gematria and etymology, thinking that Grant represents the tower of authority on these subjects. Some examples (and there are better, or worse, as the case may be): Page 10, "The name of this god (Thoth) is equivalent to Doth (DaƤth) ..." And I suppose that Thoth is an old dust rag because it is equivalent to Cloth, which actually makes more sense than his supposition. He also constantly twists the reader's head about with such things as: "Furthermore, 393 + 666 = 1059, which is one less than MShKN (Meshken), 'the Tabernacle', and two less than 1061, 'Sunset'." - page 73; "122 is one more than SATAN." - page 74; and on Page 86, "Noh, 125, is one more than ODN, Eden ..." This one-more-one-less thing is NOT gematria. It is not qabalah. It is the product of a mind so loaded with Knowledge that it is tripping over itself in its mad flight to prove that it is the supreme mind of the universe.'

more (lots more) here