Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Miguel Prado - Kempelen's Lesson 7" lathe cut

out now...

PT27 / Heresy 04

Miguel Prado- Kempelen's Lesson (On Voice And Tape) 7" lathe cut

A. Criptolalia (4:59)
B. Glossolalia-Laden (4:59)

Cut by Peter King
50 copies

Pilgrim Talk / Heresy Records Co-release

"Wolfgang von Kempelen (well known for 'The Turk', a chess-playing automaton described in Poe´s 'Maelzel's Chess Player') spent twenty years of his life working on a speaking machine, an attempt to produce human speech by machine, finishing his work in 1791.

Based on current voice synthesis technology, 'Kempelen´s Lesson (On Voice And Tape)' deals with the physiology of speech production, experimental phonetics as a science, and the spirit of mechanical ingenuity of 18th century.

As Berkeley claimed, this is: 'ghosts of departed quantities'.

This work is part of the ongoing project 'Geotraumatic Evacuation of The Voice'."

-Miguel Prado